Spoiler Alert *** Best if only referenced after reading the book ***


Seneca - Technologically-advanced utopian secret society

Senecan - A member of The Seneca Society (no longer a resident of their former nation in the Aboves)

Aboves - Where life continues as usual on the surface of the planet

S.E.R.C. - Seneca Education & Research Center

Great Falls, VA - Location of the Seneca North Western Continent entrance point to S.E.R.C.

Claytor Lake - Entry to Seneca’s North Western Continent Computing Center

PFV (flighter) - A Personal Flight Vehicle

BoomJet - High-occupancy long distance flight craft 5x the speed of commercial jetliner

Acoustic Carrier - Super-speed method of transportation inside Seneca

Flexer - Personal communication and computing device constructed of shape shifting polymer

Necrolla Carne - Alleged flesh eating disease that all citizens of Seneca are vaccinated against

S.O.I.L. - Seneca Observation & Intelligence League

Senecanomics Corporation - The “corporation” to which citizens of various countries assign company and patent rights & revenue before joining the Seneca Society

Big Bang Boom Media (B3) - Seneca’s media network, headed by former Aboves media tycoon, Julian Hollenbeck

Cogniz-X - Injection that erases human memories from past 48 hours

Nanobots - Microscopic and almost-microscopic computing device

Flexer Implant - A fusion of flexer to spinal cord in order to use flexer from within human body

Biological Nanorobotic Fusion Chamber (BioNan) - Medical machine that carries out tech-advanced procedures such as flexer implants and rapid cellular rejuvenation

FlexOculi - A screen that wirelessly projects into the air from a flexer or FlexOculi implant

Ascension dome - A gold aerogel encased vessel that carries people from the Aboves into Seneca and vice versa